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Found a rule-breaker? This is where you report them.

For some guidance on the types of things we punish for and what we look for in evidence
to make sure your report is successful, you can find our guide here:

What can I report players for?

This form is for reporting players who have broken our Server Rules. Which you can find here:

This is not for reporting abusive staff members. You can do that at the link below:

What happens when I file a report?

When you file a report on a player we will review your evidence carefully and decide if the
person you're reporting has actually broken the rules. This evidence will be reviewed by multiple
team members to make absolutely sure that everything is unbiased and as fair as possible.

It's taking a long time to respond to my report...

As said above, each report is given to multiple staff members to come to a consensus on what
the next steps should be. For this reason it can sometimes take a few hours, or in extreme cases, up
to a day before we can respond to your report.

Don't worry though, we will get to it as quickly as we possibly can.


All reports require evidence and we will automatically deny any report that does not include
evidence. For hackers you are required to submit video evidence uploaded to YouTube, and for
non-hacking offences you are required to upload a screenshot to a site like Imgur.

We do not accept cropped screenshots, it must include your full Minecraft window.

Reporting Form

Please fill out the following form to report a rule-breaker:

Your username:
Culprit's Username:
Server this happened on:
/realname output
(for /nick abuse):
Co-ordinates (for survival grief):

If you are posting video evidence, please make sure it is not longer than 5 minutes. Please also include the key times so we can find hacks faster.​
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