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Interested in being on the Events Team for Omega Realm? Keep reading!

This program aims to recruit members of our community with high quality building skills to help us create custom maps for the events we host on our server.

Being a member of this team comes with many benefits, such as:

- Ability to see and work on builds on our Events server.
- Work closely with other Events Team members and Events Manager.
- The chance to learn new building techniques and skills that could help you in the future.
- Access to our events trello.

To be considered as a new addition to this team, you must:

- Be at least 13.
- Have a valid google account.
- Have a valid discord account and be in the Omega Realm discord.
- Be active in our community.
- Ability to contribute at least 6 hours to one build project.

Additional Notes
Here are some things you should know before applying for this position:

- Your application does not have to be long, it just needs to thoroughly answer each question.
- Please don’t use links to any external documents, post them as threads.
- Your application must not be plagiarized. You will be denied if you copy anyone else's application or screenshot anyone else's builds.
- Don’t apply if you will be too busy or can’t work well in a team.
- This role doesn’t give you any extra permissions on other gamemodes, only on our events server.
- This role has no relation to being on the staff team.

Application Form:

What type of building style do you prefer? (terraforming, organics, structural, etc.):
Provide links to a minimum of 3 previous builds you have built. (preferred in default or faithful texture pack with minimal or no shaders):
Why do you want this role?:
What would make you a good choice for this role?:
Do you have any experience with WorldEdit, WorldGuard, or VoxelSniper?:
Do you have any experience working in an event team?:
Anything else we should know?:

If possible, please also provide evidence that the builds you show here are indeed your builds.

Good luck!​
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