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Do you have over 500 subscribers? You're eligible for our YouTube rank!

The YouTube rank is a scheme that helps both you, and us, in getting our names out there. The
YouTube rank allows for you to further grow your channel from the recognition you gain on our server, and
allows us to grow through the content that you produce for our server.

This rank has a 500 subscriber MINIMUM limit, which we will not give exceptions for in any circumstance,
most of our applications come below our limit and we have not accepted a single one of them.

We also ask that you have at least 1 video on our server before applying. We may ask to see more before considering your application.

This requires at least one video per month. Videos should be recorded on Omega Realm and should be over 10 minutes long. We would greatly appreciate if you could surpass these requirements.
If you get accepted and can't meet these requirements, please inform a SrMod.
Should you happen to lose your YouTube rank, you're allowed to reapply if you're able to improve.

If you're interested in gaining this rank please follow this template:

Your IGN:
Link to your YouTube channel:
Your Discord tag:
Subscriber amount:
Views per video after 24 hours:
Any previous bans in the past on Omega:

And that's all! We will have a response on your application within a few hours.​
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