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Info [GUIDE] How to catch a hacker

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The purpose of this thread is to show and explain ways to go about catching hackers, not to show the advantages of hacking. I will explain what they do to give you an understanding of the hack first, and then talk about different ways/methods you could use to catch these rule-breakers. Although these hacks may look beneficial, please resist the urge to get them, as not only will you receive hate from other players for using them, but you can also be banned from the server. Rule breakers are not tolerated on this server.

Also before we begin, be sure to read the other sticky thread (click me) too as it's important to make sure your reports match those requirements.


This hack is the most common type of hack out there, and can be simple to catch too. This hack basically targets all players (and mobs). The KillAura attacks them whenever they enter a radius, so it acts like a force field. If you happen to stumble upon this hack, be sure to ‘/spawn’ and wait until the hacker using this dies, as this hack will continue to target players even in a non-pvp region (however some hackers cleverly switch the hack off in the death screen). I find this to be the most effective method to catching the hacker. Another good way is to get a friend to 2v1 the hacker and record him/her as they simultaneously aim for both of you whenever one of you gets close, also you may notice that the hacker will aim for the head. Another irrelevant method that staff use, is to vanish making them invisible to everyone, and flying near the hacker then quickly unvanishing so that the hacker will aim for them, this is very effective as it gets the catch done quicker.

Example of a player getting caught:


FastBow isn’t as common anymore as NCP has blocked this, however I find it to be the most easy to catch. It allows hackers to shoot arrows from their bows incredibly quick (on KitPvP, this hack is really powerful since the bows have an infinity enchant on them, making hackers shoot forever). Since this hack is very easy to spot, all you need to do is record. There’s no other way, apart from recording with your game sound on, so that staff can make their decision quicker, just to make sure no one has made the footage play fast. Being able to visually see the hack and also hear the hack (sound of mass arrows being shot) makes this the easiest hack to catch.

Example of a player getting caught:


Regen allows the hacker to regenerate his/her health automatically, making them invincible. This hack is usually accompanied along with aimbot/killaura, however it’s worth including that they have regen in your report, just in case the aimbot wasn’t clear enough. A really good way is to use a mod, Damage Indicators. This mod is allowed to be used on the server, and can show the hacker’s health. After installing this mod, you’ll need to actually attack the hacker. As you are fighting him/her (preferably with someone else to help you), carefully watch the health bar of the hacker, you’ll notice that he/she is regenerating their health as if they have eaten a golden apple. If you don’t want use the Damage Indicators, you can simply carry out the method explained before except not actually install the mod. Attack the hacker as much as you can, until it is clear that the hacker is using regen.

Example of a player getting caught:

No Knockback:

No Knockback is another common hack used with aimbot. This allows the hacker to get attacked (whether it be by a sword or bow), and not take any knockback at all, making him/her stay in the same place. Be careful to not confuse this with lag, as sometimes people are actually lagging on the server, making this hack a little harder to actually spot and catch. To catch someone using this, again, attack the hacker (can be with a team) and record him/her not taking any knockback.

Example of a player getting caught:

Skip to the end.​

Auto Respawn:

This is a slightly trickier hack to spot, as it can also sometimes be misconceived with lag. What this hacks basically does is automatically respawn the hacker without him/her having to click the ‘Respawn’ button. This means that the hacker will have a very quick/no death animation. This is very commonly used along with Aimbot/No Knockback. When watching the YouTube clip, skip to when the hacker dies.

Example of a player getting caught:


This is not a very common hack, due to the fact that this hack simply doesn’t work correctly when NoCheat (basically an AntiHack plugin) stops the user from flying. Because of this, the hacker manipulates the plugin causing him/her to block-glitch, so they are breaking 2 rules at the same time. To spot this, carefully watch how high the hacker goes/seems to jump higher than about 3 blocks, making you no longer able to deal any damage (a form of block-glitching).

Example of a player getting caught:


This hack is also uncommon but worth trying to catch, as this is mostly used with aimbot. This hack utilizes the already implemented ‘critical hit’ feature that allows the player to deal more damage, and makes it so that the hacker deals a critical hit every time. Normally, to deal a critical hit, you must hit the player whilst you’re on the ‘falling down’ motion (so basically every time you jump, before you touch the ground you must attack the player). Keeping this in mind, whilst watching the hacker you’ll notice that he/she is almost always floating in the air. This hack combined with KillAura makes the hacker almost able to 2 hit a player with no armour (normally takes 3 with a diamond sword).

Example of a player getting caught:

For any hacks that I've missed out, I'll write them on a google doc as I've run out of characters - (click me).

Frequently asked questions

What do you use to record these hackers?

I use Mitrillis Action, which in my opinion is the best one, there are many features and options to configure to make the most out of your computer/laptop (whether it’s good or bad).

Why does my recording software lag so much?

This could be because your computer can’t handle the settings you’ve chosen. Make sure that the quality is good enough to see the hacker’s name tag, and that the fps you get whilst recording is playable. I use 60FPS to record since it’s lag free (for me at least). Also I only record in 720p, this is to make the uploading/rendering process a lot faster. You can record in 1080p but make sure that you have a good upload speed and have a good computer that doesn’t lag.

I cannot hit this player! What hack is he using?

This is most likely lag, on either end, but still check regardless.

How do I upload the recording to YouTube?

I use Sony Vegas, an editing software that allows me to quickly cut out the unnecessary parts of the recording and skip to the parts where the player is actually hacking, and also has the option to directly upload a video without the need of having to use YouTube, you simply fill out your YouTube username and password and away you go.

Someone said that they were ‘hacking’, do I still report?

Well you could take a screenshot of them admitting, but also make sure you actually get footage of the player using hacks, as the player could appeal to be unbanned and get accepted due to ‘lack of evidence’.

Okay, I have recorded the hacker and uploaded the footage to YouTube, now what?

Next you must go to ‘Player Reports’ and actually report the hacker. To do so, you must use the template (click here) and embed the YouTube video into your report (or just copy and paste the link).

If you have any more questions feel free to pm me on the Forums. Also, to see what other offences to look out for, check out the other sticky thread.


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Recently I’ve noticed that there has been a new exploit that allows hackers to fake KillAura upon other player(s). This seems to have derived from selected hacked clients (won't list which ones for obvious reasons) and had created huge issues for the staff team when it came to reviewing these fake reports. From now on, in order for us to ban players using KillAura (and perhaps other hacks as well) they must be:

  • In a PvP area. Since of this new exploit, we can no longer accept KillAura player reports in “AFK” positions in non-PvP areas/safezones where no damage can be dealt.
  • Really clear. For example including some obvious head-snaps in your player report. Go to this thread for more information about how you can go about making your hacker player reports clear.
  • This rule applies to every player except a select few that we can trust. Players that we trust will be exempted from this rule.
  • New/untrusted players that haven’t or rarely report will be tagged suspicious and could be denied at any time for any reason if deemed necessary.

In order for us staff to make sure that we’re not banning unfairly, we make sure that we get three other opinions on the hacker report. Staff state where abouts in the video evidence they see the hacks with a short description of how the hack is apparent and the hacker is banned.

I will keep track of the trusted players HERE and they will be notified here on the forums. To do this I will go through player reports and see who if worthy of being trusted (reporting daily, hack reports are super clear, shows great knowledge about hackers etc) however if you are caught abusing this trust, you will be banned.

If you are caught faking reports, you will be receive the punishment the person being framed/reported would receive.

This will now be enforced to stop any fake hacker reports from causing issues.




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Reasons to report a player.

Here you can get an idea of anything that is punishable on Omega Realm, you can report these things in the "Player Reports" section when you find a rulebreaker. Here you go!


This is when a rulebreaker is at a safezone where PvP is disabled, but the victim is in a zone where PvP is enabled. When the rulebreaker hits or somehow hurts the player from safezone, they can get punished for safezoning if we get the right evidence that proves that they've done it. This can happen in a PvP arena (excluding KitPvP & Slayer completely), when the rulebreaker hurts someone on the edge of the arena where people are supposed to jump down, or when someone in the arena hits the player from the edge.

REQUIRES VIDEO EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;

Flying in the PvP arena or out of it

When someone flies in the PvP arena, they break a rule. When they fly out of the PvP arena, they also break a rule. If you see someone doing this, don't hesitate to tell us about it here on the forums, the rulebreaker will receive a punishment for their actions.

REQUIRES VIDEO EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;


When someone uses a hacked client to hack on any of Omega Realm's gamemodes and uses KillAura, Forcefield, No knockback, AutoRespawn or for example, AutoArmour (there are many other different ways to hack), they will receive a punishment. This cannot be done anywhere on the server and is something we do not accept at all, happened on KitPvP, Factions, Universe or Skyblock (or somewhere else), it doesn't matter, it's still hacking.

REQUIRES VIDEO EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;

Logging out of combat/escaping combat

If you are fighting someone in a PvP zone on any of our servers, and your opponent logs out of combat to save his/her items and escape combat, then please don't hesitate to report them. You must be able to record them.


Block glitching

When a rulebreaker is exploiting a block, for example a door, a stair or a slab, they will receive a punishment. This means glitching with blocks, it can happen when a rulebreaker breaks a block underneath and gets into it, or when they place blocks down and jump on top of them in a PvP arena to escape the warzone where PvP is enabled, to a safezone were it's disabled. They don't get any damage from a player when they block glitch to escape the zone like that. It can also be hitting through a closed door, or through stairs, etc.!

REQUIRES VIDEO EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;


Advertising another Minecraft server is against the rules of Omega Realm, if someone urges you to join a server that isn't Omega, feel free to report them here on the forums and they will receive a punishment. If someone gives another forum's website link in chat and that website has an IP in it when you open it, it is also punishable. Same goes with a YouTube video link, if the video has an IP to another Minecraft server in the description or in the video, it is also punishable.They must include an IP as they urge, keep that in mind.

REQUIRES SCREENSHOT OR VIDEO EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;


Spamming is against the rules as well, if you see a rulebreaker doing this on the server anywhere in the gamemodes (PMs, public chat, factions chat, plot chat etc.), don't be afraid, report them in the "Player Reports" section and staff will come online to see what's happening and punish if needed. Spamming is when a player spams the chat with something, counts down or up, repeats the same message constantly or spams you in PMs!



When a player is disrespecting someone by calling them names or bullying in some way, it is punishable. If someone is doing this, please report them.

REQUIRES SCREENSHOT EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;

(This screenshot was faked, this person was asked to say this for this picture. There were no intentions at all to disrespect anyone, it was just for the example screenshot.)


Racism is when someone bullies another player for their race, this includes calling someone the n word. We punish for this, please report them if you see someone doing this, staff will come online and do what they're supposed to do in this case.


Portal trapping

Yes, you heard right. Trapping someone in a nether portal means that whoever does this, will be punished. This makes it hard for us staff to save this person from there as they cannot do any commands nor talk in global chat, they can't save themselves or do "/spawn" etc., it's just something we do not allow.


TP Killing on Skyblock or Survival

TP Killing means that a rulebreaker teleported a player to them and killed them instantly or almost instantly after that. The player doesn't have time to teleport to "/spawn" or somewhere else to save themselves, they die and the rulebreaker get punished in those two servers. On other gamemodes TP killing is allowed, exceptions are Skyblock and Survival.

REQUIRES VIDEO EVIDENCE! Here's also an example of it;

PvP on Survival

Survival is meant to be a server with no PvP at all, this means that no one can kill each other because it's punishable and against Survival's rules. If a rulebreaker kills someone somehow, with lava, water, deep holes in the ground, high towers and whatnot, they will get punished.


Griefing on Survival

Griefing is definitely not allowed on Survival, it's against the rules there. There are two types of griefs, minor and major, both are punishable. If a rulebreaker griefed someone's property, killed animals or somehow touched what belongs to another player, they will get punished. When a griefer gets reported, there's always a way for staff to fix the grief, therefore reporting these rulebreakers is worth it.



This means all the pornographic content, anyone who shares this kind of pictures or websites shall be punished with no doubt. If a rulebreaker is doing this, feel free to report them here on the forums, staff will know what to do about it.


Lagging and/or crashing

When a player lags the server out on purpose, we can see it. If someone has a lag machine for example, they will receive a harsh punishment and will regret it immediately. Same goes for crashing servers, this is against the rules and ruins the fun for all Omega Realm's players who are trying to play at the time the server crashes because of one person doing something on purpose.


Tricking players

When a rulebreaker tricks a player by saying things like "do /pay -1000, it takes my money!!" or "do alt + f4 for diamonds", they will get punished. If you see someone doing this, feel free to report them.


Phishing links

When a player shares a link somewhere on Omega Realm and offers free Minecraft capes example, and in the end it's a site that steals your Minecraft account, they will be punished. There are other kind of phishing links as well, but you should be careful of what links you open on the server. Feel free to report these players, if someone is sharing these links.


Bug exploiting

When a rulebreaker exploits a bug and uses it for their own advantage in some way, they will be punished. This can be done in many different ways and should not be exploited. This can be, for example, using a Slayer kit on KitPvP (which isn't possible anymore though, just an example), or using a shop sign on a server shop in-game to get more profit and more items out off of it than supposed to.


Giving out someone's personal info

When a rulebreaker is giving someone's IRL personal info, like Skype or phone number without the victim's permission to share them, they will be punished. If someone is doing this, please report them.


Bypassing the hacker filter

If a player is bypassing the hacker word filter and hackusating someone somehow, you can report them here. Hackusating is against the rules now and no one can hackusate anyone in public or PMs. However, you're allowed to PM staff and ask us to check them out in case they are actually hacking.

This isn't all of them, please report them if you feel like it's against the rules, we will tell you in the report.
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