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Fishing Contests & Quest Scrolls


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Fishing Contests

With use of the plugin MoreFish, you can customize what fish is caught ranging from Junk to Legendary and everywhere in between! By default, The contests would automatically start when 5 or more players are online a given server and run for 15m
During this time you catch custom fish from the plugin and try too catch the biggest fish in meters!
When time is up First place will receive $5000 in-game cash plus an extra prize such as a crate key(Rare/Legendary)
2nd place down to 5th place receive 1000 less than the previous place, with a lesser prize, (Vote/Common)

It would give a more good incentive to fish in minecraft as well as pass the time with a little bit of competition!

Quest Scrolls

With the use of the plugin ClueScrolls
(Note this plugin is premium, costing 8USD)

You can buy a random scroll for say 30 xp levels and it can give a common rare or legendary scroll, asking you do to some bizzare, strange and even hard tasks such as killing the enderdragon 3 times, or ride a pig for 192 blocks! When its complete you shift-right click the scroll and it gives you a random reward based on the scroll gotten, Both this plugin and Fishing contests
Reward system is completely Configurable and flexible with what rewards are given to a player
(There is a down-side to this plugin, You will have to disable completing the scroll in your off-hand and also while crafting to prevent a dupe glitch known with this plugin

These two plugins & Suggestions could also work well over on Skyblock as well as an option!
What do you guys think?
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+1 would love this!

The scroll achievement thingy sounds a bit like "Advanced Achievements".