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What is the server IP?
Easy! It's

What do the different staff ranks mean?

We currently have 6 different staff ranks, all of which are to help you in one way or another:

[Helper] - Helper is the lowest tier of the staff ranks. It is the initiation rank where we trial new staff. Helpers will be avidly answering questions on the forums and the server.
[JrMod] - Junior mods are our second tier. If a helper passes their trial, they become a Junior Mod. Junior mods assist the mods in player punishments.
[Mod] - Mod is the highest rank most staff will reach. They take on all staff responsibilities, while also tutoring the helpers.
[SrMod] - Senior Mod is the first tier management rank. Senior Mods assist the admins in staff management and general tasks.
[Admin] - Admins are the backbone of this server - they take care of all backend tasks, maintaining the server, setting up new gamemodes and keeping things running smooth.
[Owner] - Only 1 person has this rank, Mikgreg, who takes on admin responsibilities with a few extra important things including finances.

How do I get staff?
We open staff applications when we feel a new batch of staff is necessary, Keep an eye on the News and Updates section for dates and times.

How can I join the other servers if the compass isn't working?
That's easy! Type /<server>
Example: /skyblock

How do I get the YouTuber rank?
You must have at least 500 subscribers to be eligible for the YouTuber rank. If you wish to apply, you may do so HERE.

How do I get friend rank?

The short answer is you don't. - the Friend rank is reserved for close friends of management.

My donation is gone! Help!
If you are having issues with your donations, file a report HERE.

I/my friend was unfairly banned.

If you believe your ban was unfair or a mistake, file a ban appeal HERE.

I saw a player/staff member breaking the rules!

If you see anybody breaking any of the forum/server rules, please gather evidence and file a report:
Player reports
Staff reports

How come I can't post anything on the forums?

When a new player signs up, your first five posts must first be approved by a moderator+. It usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. We have this measure in place to prevent spam bots.

I can't have a signature or start a conversation with a staff member as it is marked as being spam (or related)! What can I do?
Simple fix! Post 5 posts in the forums and have them all approved by moderators! Then; you will be able to host conversations and have a signature. The reason this is in place is because we (being OmegaRealm) have robots that index our site to add them to your search engines respectively. But sometimes; we get AdBots that come in and spam our forums with unneeded advertisements and unrelated ads in general. To prevent these posts from being published, we have the 5 post-approval rule in place.

How do I tell if someone is hacking or not?
It can be tricky to tell sometimes, but you can always refer to our guide.
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