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Info Factions Rules

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What is a buffer?
A buffer is the amount of claims around your base, it's measured from the wall around your base outwards. (Not including the base)

How many walls are we allowed?
A 20 chunk limit of 160 genned walls, or 320 blocks.

Does it matter which faction claims the land?
No it does not. Regardless of the faction, the 20 chunk buffer limit is still in place, whether you own the claims around your base or not.

Is there any exceptions?
The only exception to this rule are cannons built outside the 20 chunk claim radius. Other factions that are attempting to raid you are allowed to claim their cannons outside the other faction's buffer.

What happens if we break this rule?
If your base has a higher buffer than 20 chunks, the following could happen depending on the situation:
  • You'll be notified and asked to fix your claims, you then have two days to fix your claims.
  • If the faction does not fix their claims within the two days given by the staff member, their base will be unclaimed.

How should I report a faction breaking the 20 chunk buffer rule?
If you find a faction that has more than 20 chunk buffer, please submit a player report HERE

Am I allowed to claim more than one corner?
No. Factions are limited to one corner each. Including alt factions. Factions caught with more than one corner claim will be asked to unclaim.

Are auto-cannons allowed?
No, they're disabled.

What are the rules for flying in PvP?
  • You may not use fly to position behind or around your enemy.
  • You cannot use /fly in any way to gain an advantage during PvP.
  • When someone tries to hit you while you are flying, go out of fly or fly away immediately.
If caught violating any of these fly rules, you'll be eligible for a temporary ban from the server.

Are raid detectors allowed or discord bots?
No. Players caught using these type of detectors or bots will be banned.

Can I make a base next to another factions base?
ALL bases must be 10 chunks apart from the last wall to the other factions last wall. Connecting factions will result in a disband, however you will be warned and given a chance to move the claims and your base.

Is inside raiding allowed?
Players may not purposefully or maliciously sabotage their own faction, this includes but is not limited to:
  • Stealing spawners/items.
  • Sabotaging faction claims or defenses
  • Allowing themselves to be killed to make their faction overclaimable
  • etc
Examples of Betrayal that are NOT considered insiding are, but are not limited to:
  • Discussion faction schedules
  • Undermining raids
  • Sharing information that could be gained from proper monitoring of enemies
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