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Factions Combat Rework Idea

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This needs to be taken care of.
Personally speaking my entire faction left the server because it is no fun picking a fight with someone who has a god set, there is no skill involved, just the time you grinded for the set.
This is not like the factions we all know and love, where you actually need to have skills to beat a person in a fight, and actually have a chance to grind for something when you join the server and create a faction. I know that a lot of people think the same way, and this will result in a server dying, and that's just unfortunate since we can fix it before it dies.
Come on staff, look into this and at least answer this suggestion.
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I've noticed that the PvP aspect of Factions has been a bit broken for a while, and with the introduction of Custom Enchants (or CEs), the problem has only gotten worse. So, I wanted to suggest an idea to essentially simplify/vanillafy PvP by removing PvP CEs and by hard-capping any and all combat enchants to their vanilla levels (ex. Prot 4, Sharp 5).This would prevent people's gear from becoming OP and extremely annoying to fight against, and would allow skilled players to shine and progress. I believe that by setting a lower gear gap, it will raise the skill gap by forcing players to get better at PvP or to find new, innovative ways to kill other players, instead of grinding for weeks or by buying a kit that makes them virtually unkillable or able to kill others very quickly. It would also help keep new players in, because they would be given more of a chance to compete, since no matter how late they join, they won't be horribly, horribly outclassed in the PvP department.

Other "Optional" suggestions:
-Remove God Apples
-Disable Combat MCMMO skills.

Discussion and Feedback is encouraged, please give your opinions and ideas, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
The main reasons I quit were the economy and the combat but to even consider banning gapples is a joke. custom enchants were a dreadful idea as it takes ages to get the sets, they are very expensive and therefore you dont want to risk losing them in combat. mcmmo should exist but should be capped reasonably low as the axes in mcmmo have been a huge part of factions for years now. I just miss the days where prot4 sets had any value at all.