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Today is Feb 20th and survival is all but almost dead not 2 months after a reset.. I started playing because my Daughter and friends played now because no one else is on they stopped and I find myself all by Coming from world of warcraft and being a hardcore raider to this was a big change for me but its a cute game and i enjoyed playing with my daughter a listening (reading) what the others had to chat about..

As I see it something big needs to happen..ok cant run 1.13 which most wanted I get the plugin issues so how can we make people come play.... How about a build off or contest.. where people build a base/ home and have it judged.. the winner gets a RANK.. Rank being the top one, give incentive for people to log in and put time in.. have a few different categories. Then have 3 judges judge or how ever you like to set it up.. At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by bringing people back.. what's a few ranks if you bring a big group back... if it works do it monthly and have the winners of the previous month be the judge for the next month.

Then have zek come back for a night to be a guest judge and have him stream it...or if not a chance invite another big tuber as a guest for a night and stream the contest.. many streamers out there that many follow Im sure many would do it as being a head liner judge...

Im sure there are a few bugs to work out but Id be willing to lend a hand if needed... I'm not afk most evenings after 730 central time or off and on my days off in needed to be contacted

Anyways just tossing the idea out in hopes to bring life back on the server

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-1. This could be a good thing but I don't think it would be best right now. Whenever I log onto survival, I see maybe 5-7 players online. I don't think that's enough people to hold a competition. I just don't really see people coming to survival just for a competition either.

You mentioned having Zek show up and stream this event. I think John (Zek) is done with Minecraft videos for awhile. He's been doing well with what he's doing on YouTube now and he already announced his departure from Omega Realm. I really don't think any "big" YouTubers would be interested in doing this unless they're going to get something out of it and Omega Realm has been lacking donations for awhile, which led to them bringing the old shop system back so they're able to run the server.

Nonetheless, this is a good suggestion but I think it would be best to wait out on this one and wait until more players join the server.