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Info Appeal Template

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If you feel you have been unfairly punished on our server then this form allows you to appeal
this and have the punishment removed from your account.

Appealing a Punishment

When you submit a punishment appeal the evidence that we hold against you will be re-submitted
to multiple members of our staff team. This ensures that the result of your appeal is completely
unbiased and is not the result of just one person's opinion.

The response you get from your appeal is final, and arguing with us will not change our opinion,
and actually risks your punishment becoming more severe.

All responses to appeals have been decided on by a group of staff members, not just
the staff member who responds to your report.

If you were caught hacking/cheating and you openly admit it in your appeal, depending on the offence, staff will be more than happy to reduce your ban significantly. Please bare this in mind when appealing.

Information Regarding Permanent Bans

Permanent bans will no longer be issued on Omega Realm. If you have been given a permanent
ban by one of our moderators in the past and you have served at least 6 months of this ban
you are entitled to an automatic unban. Please fill out the appeal form and we will unban you.

Thread Labels

Some labels may appear on your appeal while it goes through the reviewing process:

Your appeal has been received and staff are discussing the evidence

Your appeal has been escalated to the server managers.
It may take a few days for a response to be given.
This only happens for very few appeals.

Appeal Form

Please fill out the following form if you feel you have been punished unfairly:

Your Username:
Punishment you have been given:
Which server on OmegaRealm were you punished on:
Did you break this rule?:
Your defense:
Any extra comment or supporting evidence:

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