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Another universe thread

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(updated) Please read entirely before commenting

While I understand the server was closed due to lack of players, i find it quite hypocritical to blame us players on the closing of the server.
I beleive when the original dev of uni left, staff really gave up on Universe. I understand there is a lot of aspects they no longer had control over, but there was plenty they did have control over. And the fact that the server stayed up so long after the dev left only proves that. I remember after the new year (2018 ) Mikgreg himself said him and other staff were gonna start working on it more, and even told us there would be a huge update coming but that never actually happened. Glitches and bugs wouldn't be fixed for days, weeks, or sometimes months. Once staff gave up I think a lot of players did too, to avoid joining a dying server. I truly believe if universe were to come back a lot of players would join. I talk about universe a lot and most players (who didn't even know what universe was) say they like the idea of it and would play if it came back. Whenever I bring it up people agree with me in that universe is an amazing concept, I especially loved that you could be as creative as you want, and everyone's island was different to fit their own vibe. It was a really great server that did not get enough attention. I often see players join skyblock (the server I and several others use as a replacement to universe) asking what happened to universe, and when they learn its gone they dont come back to the server. And there are so many others like this, because Universe made omega realm unique, and brought players to the server because its a gamemode you really cant find anywhere else.

The little that staff did to revive this server was inefficient. For example, there was a "top island" contest supposedly monthly, but I believe it did not last as the winners were rarely updated. At the end of universes lifespan, there were a lot of bugs that were ignored. One of them being the problem with vote crates, which didn't work for a super long time. Another was a bug where you could glitch through blocks, which was never fixed. And just to prove my point, (although there is way more) another bug was players leaving spawn and flying around to get to wherever, but many players would go find the natural mc world. I think the fact that universe was ignored contributed greatly to the lack of players, and I would go as far as to say that if it werent for the lack of attention, uni would never have been closed down.

I have been told time and time again that there is no way universe can come back until more players join the server, but how could you expect players to join the server when no new gamemodes are being introduced? Servers are being removed, not added, losing the interest of players that enjoy the servers being removed. If players are only losing and not gaining interest in this server then no new players will join.
The current servers up and running on omega are old, they've been there forever. Not only that but they are also super basic gamemodes, which there is nothing wrong with but the only problem is these gamemodes can be found in so many other servers. Universe made Omega Realm unique and people would join and want to see what uni is. I remember when i played universe there was constantly new players joining, until the glitches and bugs became more common and constistant, and werent being fixed.

So, I think if universe were to come back, in addition to some major attention from staff, players would join. If this is not a possibility, for whatever reason, then i propose a new server that is very similar to universe in the aspect of access (in shops) to a wide range of blocks, and the ability to build whatever the hell you want. I know there are servers similar to universe, like skyblock, but it really is so different and any dedicated universe player can see that.

I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read this entire thing, I know its long but I wanted to try and fit in as much essential shit as I could because it seems people love to shoot down the idea of universe , even though there are so many players backing this idea

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+1 / Not only could it help improve player count, but it was such a unique gamemode that if regularly updated and maintained, would be popular once again. Heck, maybe I'll get back into it.