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Events have been around for quite a while now, but let me introduce what they are all about.
Events consist of games which have been built, created and hosted by staff members on the server! In the past we have done some events, which haven't really been all that organised. So, whenever an event is going to be taking place, you can check back here to see if a staff member will be hosting one.
Some of the past events which have been held before, and will most likely be returning!
  • KitPVP Tournaments
  • Hide and Seek/Scavenger Hunts
  • Spleef Tournaments
  • Triathlon
  • Seasonal Events (Taking place at Summer, Halloween, Christmas etc...)
Here is a preview of one of the previous events which have been hosted previously :smiley:
Recorded and edited by the amazing @Legionious !

Feel like you are going to miss an event? have no fear! Whenever an event is about to take place, the newly opened 'Events' server will open (KitPVP Tournaments will be hosted on KitPVP) we will be alerting it to the whole server!

We really do hope you enjoy playing these events as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.
If you have any questions, feel free to direct them towards any available member of staff.
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Holiday events!

Welcome everyone to the holiday events page. Omega can be a bit bland if nothing is really celebrated on the holdiays, thus us having holdiay events! Usually these are announced ahead of time to promote people to visit, and so that everyone knows.

These events are composed of varieties of different events inside (eventception) and each mini event will possibly have a chance to win ranks!

If you have an idea for a holiday event, make a post in the thread and tag me!

Questions go on my profile for this, as I host holiday events. Thanks for reading!

Current Holiday event(s): None
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KitPvP Tournaments.

Hey you, interested in winning a Pro rank? Great, hear me out!

KitPvP tournaments are about killing other players in an arena, it's about 1v1'ing each other. When you join a KitPvP tournament on the KitPvP server (/server KitPvP), you can join the event by entering the arena. You must be there so we can choose you, that's the only way we can see that you want to be in it and participate in it. Often you can do "/warp tournament". However, remember that not everyone can be in it as we only choose a couple, it takes about an hour to finish it with even a small group.

Got chosen? Awesome, now you should know that you've been put into a bracket with opponents, the link to it to see it will be given to you many times in the global chat. There will also be many broadcasts about the tournament. We will tell who is fighting who next and who wins their opponent. When you make it to finals, don't freak out, just be confident and don't let it get to you if you don't win, there's always next time.

Won the game? Congratulations, not many are as good as you! You can get your Pro rank immediately if you wish. If you already have a rank, you can wait for the current one to expire and use your Pro rank later on whenever you want to. Just make a donation issue here on the forums and tell us which one of the tournaments you've won. However, if you don't want to use the rank at all, you can give it to a friend of yours who doesn't have a rank, do what you want to do with Pro, it's yours and you won it fair and square.

There are no specific dates for them to start, they're very random. There will be a thread made by one of the KitPvP Tournament managers here in the events section about a new one. Every info, a date and time for it and the place where it'll be held in.

Every winner will be mentioned in the threads, good luck everyone! c:​


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The first Sunday of every month a build competition will be held.
Thinking about participating? Great! This thread will give you all the details you need!

Build competitions are a great place to compete with other players in a battle against your building abilities! There is always a theme selected ahead of time before the competition thread is even made but any suggestions made on the day of would be taken into consideration always. There will be 2-3 host every build competition and several more behind the scenes hosts to judge your build, so trust me, you are getting judged fairly. You will have an hour to build on your section of the plot based on the theme of the competition.
We will judge on
Follows theme
Kind of build (Scenery is really what the main goal is -Hint hint-)

First I would like to go over the rules of the competitions and what to do and not to do.


Be a good sport
Come up with creative ideas for your build
Be respectful to players
Not complain if you aren't a winner


Grief other players builds.
Steal others Ideas
Don't be disrespectful to players
Complain or insult staff about their decisions

Failure to follow these do's and dont's will lead to possible elimination, suspension from every buildcomp, your rank taken away.

Salt belongs on food, not chat


Ok, now that we have that down we can get into the details.


Q: When is the competition held?
A: The first Sunday every month (One competition a month)

Q: What is the prize for winning
A: Pro Rank (see what this rank contains here: )

Q: If I'm a donor and I win, will the Pro rank over ride my rank?
A: No, you can choose to give your rank to a friend or use it when your current one runs out.

Q: Were is the competitions held?
A: On the Creative server at /Warp Buildoff

Q: What if I don't want to participate, I just want to watch?
A: Just message a staff member online at that time so they don't accidentally add you to the plot

Hope to see you there!
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Hey all!

I am here to present a new type of reoccuring event. This is the last man standing event. The last man standing events are common events, with loads of fun packed in!

14 users are selected. There are 3 different rounds, each with different people in them. The top 3 in each round are in the final round.
Round 1- 14 unique people
Round 2- 14 unique people
Round 3- 14 unique people
Round 4 - 3 people. Winner receives prize.

If you win the entire event, then you will receive the Grand rank. If you already have a rank then you will have the option to give it to someone else.

If you have any questions pm me or write a message on my profile.
Thanks for reading!
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Hey! Drawing competitions have been a thing for a couple of months now, they've been popular and the community has enjoyed them. Since they're constant - almost every two weeks, they'll be an official event that'll be posted here for you to read what they're about!

Drawing competitions are competitions where you draw, it often changes though. It might change from paper drawings to digital computer drawings, but sometimes both are allowed. It will be announced in the event threads, so you'll know! These happen almost every two weeks, usually you have about two weeks to draw and post your artwork in the event thread.

The ones who judge and vote for the winner are staff members. Don't worry though, if a staff member has entered the competition as well, they won't be able to be a judge. The one who gets the most votes will receive the prize! When you win, I will start a conversation here on the forums with you so we can see who you want to give the prize to, or if you want to keep it. We will also congratulate you in the thread and on your profile!

The official prize for this event's winner is usually the Grand rank, but sometimes there might be specials like the 6th competition we had. The prize in the 6th one was a Mega rank. Also, if you've already won one of these competitions, don't worry because you can still participate in a new one and win another prize.

Feel free to contact a staff member if you have any questions, or in the drawing competition thread.

Thanks for reading, we wish you the best of luck.
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