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    the alt with my donor ranks got reclaimed so thats where im gone this wipe

    the alt with my donor ranks got reclaimed so thats where im gone this wipe
  2. Uncursed

    Chat Thread

    its just not the same.
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    Upcoming Factions Reset feedback

    im with bros on the custom enchants, I want them gone.
  4. Uncursed

    Factions Combat Rework Idea

    The main reasons I quit were the economy and the combat but to even consider banning gapples is a joke. custom enchants were a dreadful idea as it takes ages to get the sets, they are very expensive and therefore you dont want to risk losing them in combat. mcmmo should exist but should be...
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    Answered Cant use discord

    as a member of the discord myself, I can confirm that there is absolutely no reason to join. It is just a bunch of old members that dont have any interest in the server but enjoy talking about off-topic things. If you decide to join a voice channel, either nobody will join, or you will be...
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    nerf cactus

    when i started playing this wipe, radioz was on 1 billion. this was no surprise to me as he was doing pretty well for himself last wipe. i spent days searching for any unclaimed spawners that may exist, falsely believing that he was getting his money from spawners. later, I myself started...
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    Answered What happened to my items from my /f chest (Factions)

    funny how they lost data trying to prevent data loss.
  8. Uncursed

    Answered What happened to my items from my /f chest (Factions)

    i feel like you have gotten this wrong, f chest worked this reset before the "fix" a couple days ago. people (including me) had been storing high value items inside our f chests, however these items are now irretrievable.
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    Omega Revamp Trailer

    i like this one a lot more than the others. is definitely an improvement imo
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    List of corner claims:

    its honestly surprising how many people ask for those in chat
  11. Uncursed

    List of corner claims:

    I thought I should probably go through the list of corner claims on factions to ensure that nobody was breaking the 1 corner per faction rule or whatever. its also useful for people that want to know which faction owns a corner without actually having to travel the whole way. Overworld: NE...
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    add /near to the shop

    idk, im trying to voice my opinions one at a time, but (not so) secretly have a lot of opinions on the server at the moment. /near is on my mind at the moment because so many people hide in unclaimed underground bases gaining large amounts of money and i have no way of raiding them without...
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    add /near to the shop

    i have also participated in (and won) numerous events, and due to the expiration of ranks, i am yet to obtain anything of permanent value to me. I would much rather just spend money every few months on a command than on a rank
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    add /near to the shop

    id just rather not spend $100 on a rank that expires after 9 months in order to get a bunch of perks on gamemodes that i don't even play (on a server with a decreasing playerbase), not to mention the fact that the perks are well below what would be acceptable for a price of that range. on a...
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    What is your favorite song(s)?

    passenger of shit - staple tapeworms on my penis