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    August Crates

    oh hell yeah
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    Gratz on staff for the future !!

    Gratz on staff for the future !!
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    randomly added acc need to go

    +1 get rid of it
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    Don't Buff Envoys Until Pvp Is Added Back

    Right now people are just getting free rewards but are still complaining about them. I feel as if the buff of envoys should not be added until PVP has returned. Then the player base will have something to fight for and be rewarded for and not just be receiving items for free in the meantime...
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    Fishing rods

    Everyone talks about them when im on so i guess im making a server suggestion for them.
  8. Orama

    Freedom Pickaxe.

    This could also help some of the people that dont have as many alts or team members or if they have bad computers (bad computers not allowing other people to have big iron golem farms so and so
  9. Orama

    Freedom Pickaxe.

    The old freedom pickaxe added to /buy this would be a big seller at a reasonable price and would make mining a lot more fun especially with crazy enchants! I feel as if most people would say its to op but I feel that it would actually fit in really well.
  10. Orama

    /spawn and /is go 5 second timer

    Every time i pvp someone on skyblock people just tend to run away and /is go without a timer i feel as if it needs this timer so it is harder for people to run and instant teleport away. As you can't fall to your death on your island anyway adding a 5 second timer would have no effect to /is go...
  11. Orama

    Saddles, leads, nametags, and horse armour in /shop

    As the nether portal has been turned into a starting island i feel like these items should be added to the /shop therefore allowing us to obtain these items.
  12. Orama

    Revert Map

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    Hoppers are the one of the most used items in skyblock and they are broken and really need fixing.
  14. Orama

    Kitpvp Trading

    Strength potions are pointless and would just make more people complain.