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    Factions Season 3 - 7/31/19 - 3PM EST

    ily angie
  2. MyMeep_

    Factions Season 3 - 7/31/19 - 3PM EST

    no increased ally cap : (
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    No tool purging in voidchests

    what he said
  4. MyMeep_

    No tool purging in voidchests

    As the name says, if it was possible I believe it would be a helpful change to have voidchests not purge tools such as pickaxes, as it is common to see people in chat having lost their efficiency 9237283 unbreaking 302837 fortune 5371083 autosmelt 5981390 experience 39012 blast 40487 god picks...
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    Upcoming Survival Reset feedback

    I don't have that many suggestions as just wanting to add my opinion on the matter. Keep Survival Vanilla If you want things like void chests and sellwands then go play skyblock. Survival is a gamemode that should be close to the vanilla experience, only adding quality of life improvements and...
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    Chat Thread

    cats r dumb
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    Bring back monthly vote crates

    +1 please, these were great
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    Ally cap

    +1 it's annoying to have to have everyone as enemies or neutral
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    Recruiting Heiwa

    You're approved, I /f invite'd you, join next time you're on or mail me (ign MyMeep) or em if it doesn't let you join and neither of us are online.
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    Well I'm not opposed to that
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    Add a new emote to lick people, /lick (name) "##### licks #######" this is an important issue plaguing our server, the lack of a viable method of licking others. pls fix
  12. MyMeep_

    Update the survival server to a newer version (1.13 - 1.14)

    I believe the survival server should be updated to 1.13 or 1.14 to take advantage of all of the new features that they add. I understand not updating pvp focused servers such as factions, and kitpvp, as they are more self contained gamemodes, but survival is quite close to normal minecraft. I...