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    Another universe thread

    +1 Why does no one see this thread and +1 it automatically
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    Replace PVP With Rod Killing PVP, Genius Plan. +1 This Idea or you are Infinite Gay
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    Suggestion and Bug Report Command.

    Create a command so users can make posts on the forum using their Minecraft Account From what I see a majority of the people who do not use the forums are because "They are too lazy to go onto it and make a post, or too lazy to make a account" If you just made a /suggestion or /bug report...
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    Changing the Rule System

    So, since rod Killing is not going to be fixed for a very long time there needs to be some rule changes. A way to do this would be a Strike System, if a user is caught damaging someone with a Fishing Rod they get a Strike. If they get enough strikes they get punished This changes what the...
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    SKYBLOCK | Rod Killing

    Due to a mechanic in Minecraft users can damage, kill and move people with a Fishing Rod. I have two different Suggestions, the second for if the first one can't be done #1 Make it so you cannot use a Fishing Rod on another persons island If that is not possible then this suggestion #2 Make...
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    GLOBAL | Add Omega Perks Back

    Hello, I have been notified by some people with Omega Role that at some point perks from the Omega Rank were Removed. So I looked into it I believe that the perks that were removed across servers were pets, morphs, kits, ect. Removing such perks from a Permanent Perk Rank after they Purchased...
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    SKYBLOCK | New Shop Items

    Something I noticed in shop is there are no cobwebs, and the only thing that even spawns cobwebs is the default house spawn for skyblock. You should put it into the shop since its a cool item and cause a lot of people want it
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    SKYBLOCK | Armor Kit "Voucher"

    It still is better than having multiple dub chests worth of items spammed into users inventories then dropped onto the ground of spawn whenever a bunch of people vote
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    SKYBLOCK | Armor Kit "Voucher"

    Make the Armor Kits you get from crates into a redeemable Voucher-Like item Cause a lot of people are getting tired of half their inventory or more spammed by the kits from voting Its insanely easy to make the GKit items you receive from voting a Right Click to Redeem Item, and it would help...
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    SKYBLOCK | Block Rod

    Sad, Welp Ok then. At least I have people who I let them turn all my stuff into blocks for me and in exchange they can have all the gold blocks in my chests
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    Changes to Pet Functions

    #1 Have a command like /pet but it has a tiny player following you, that would be cute as hell. #2 Add the ability to wear Pets as Hats again. Even with nobleman it says it does not have that perk
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    SKYBLOCK | Block Rod

    Well don't expect me to know what plugins are available for whatever this server is running? I don't develop servers anymore. So if someone makes a suggestion they probably don't have any idea whatsoever if it exists or not, as that's the moderation teams job to figure that out.
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    SKYBLOCK | Block Rod

    Nah, just do /sell all Do you get what I am saying? You can do /sell all But its tedious and annoying It would be way easier for people to just use a item that turns stuff into hundreds of chests into blocks or other stuff
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    BakaMO / NeruMO

    This was a ad the whole time
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    Sell Blacklist

    Add the option to make sell wand not sell specified items For example I could type /wand blacklist cobblestone and whenever I use sell wand it will not sell cobblestone